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Engagement Session: Josh + Chelsea

This was an EPIC session! We traveled out to Josh + Chelsea's home in Memphis for this shoot a couple weeks ago...we shot in over 13 locations, had 5+ wardrobe changes, and shot for over 3 hours! Josh and Chelsea were amazing, and luckily the rain held off (it actually started up about 30 min. after wrapping).

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Trista + Meredith

I always jump on the chance to photograph two of my favorite girls so over the holidays I took my fiance, Trista, and her sister Meredith out for a quick little portrait session in the snow. This is what came of it. I don't get to shoot in the snow very often, and I love how the light plays off of it.

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Santa 2009!

UPDATE!: Santa cards are now available for $4 each at The Frothy Monkey here in Nashville! Out of the 14 designs I printed, 3 have already sold completely out! Well, not completely...There are 2 full packs left, they include 1 of each design (14 cards in all) and they're only $40! Go grab 'em while they last!

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Brian Brushwood Photo Shoot

On Tuesday I had the great opportunity to meet and photograph magician Brian Brushwood host of Scam School on Revision3. Brian's a really great guy and we had a blast making these photos. We were short on time, so we just set up right in his hotel room in Nashville.

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Project: One Song

There are at least two sides to all art. The creator's intention, and the audience's perception. As you look through these images you'll see a variety of reactions from a variety of people. These people from different cultural, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds are all listening to the same song.

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