Open Casting Call for Short Film!

We're having 2 days of open casting for our film we're working on, details are below.  Please let all you actor friends know about it! OPEN CASTING CALL :

Friday, Oct. 22nd 5pm-9pm &

Saturday, Oct. 23rd 8am-5pm


Nashbox Studios

521 8th Ave. South

Nashville, TN 37203

(located in Cannery Row)

The producers of “A New Life” (working title), a locally produced independent short film are

holding open auditions for all acting roles. Characters needed are as follows:

Ben - A mid-20s, mild-mannered newlywed office worker. Ben and his wife Amy have just

bought they’re first house and are trying to get things in order. Ben’s boss Simmons won’t give

him the time off and he’s trying to decide whether he should stay working in the office or quit his

job to pursue his burgeoning art career. Ben is a cool, but somewhat shy guy who is madly in

love with Amy.

Amy - A mid-20s mild-mannered newlywed lawyer that is far more put-together than Ben.

Amy’s firm has given her the time off to put the house together while Ben has to go back

to work. She’s cute, kind, strong, and incredibly supportive of Ben pursuing his passions.

Simmons - Ben’s Boss, a man who is completely inept at his job and compensates for that by

putting unnecessary burden on his employees. Late 40s or 50s Male, preferably gray haired

and slightly overweight.

There are 3 other minor “extras” type roles as well. All interested actors are asked to bring 1

headshot and be ready to do a cold reading from the script. Although it is not required, actors

also have the option of preparing another dramatic piece that is no more than a minute in


Shooting Dates are Nov. 6th and 7th at multiple locations in Nashville, actors must have these

dates available.

contact: Chad McClarnon at with any questions.

Directed by: Chad McClarnon

Producers: Steve Chmely, Trey McClarnon, Chad McClarnon, and Motke Dapp

Synopsis: A drama about a newlywed couple trying to put a new life together who find that the

responsibilities and tragedies of everyday life keep getting in the way.

Bongo Java Opening to Benefit Nashville Red Cross

During the opening, 100% of print sale profits will go directly to the Nashville Red Cross to help in flood relief here in town. In addition to that, buy a print at anytime during the month of May and I will donate 50% of print sale profits. Cash and Check donations will also be accepted during the reception.

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Engagement Session: Josh + Chelsea

This was an EPIC session! We traveled out to Josh + Chelsea's home in Memphis for this shoot a couple weeks ago...we shot in over 13 locations, had 5+ wardrobe changes, and shot for over 3 hours! Josh and Chelsea were amazing, and luckily the rain held off (it actually started up about 30 min. after wrapping).

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Reception for my show at Fido + Haiti Relief

Also, due to the increasing need for crisis- aid in Haiti, I have decided to donate 50% of all profits from prints sold on Feb. 13th to Partners in Health's Stand With Haiti campaign. In researching various charities that are currently active in Haiti, I decided PIH was doing some great work. They also have one of the best ratings of any charity on Charity Navigator, spending nearly 95% of their total revenue on relief programs. Here's a list of some of their efforts in response to this crisis:

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Photo Evolution #1: Boston Red Line

In photography it's very rare that the shot you end up using is the first shot you took. A good photo kind of grows organically in the moment and many times that growth is captured as well. But you never get to see that evolution, us photographers just show you the best one and rarely reveal the 30 other shots we took before settling on that one. Photo Evolution is a how-to blog series where I go back to some of my most recognizable photographs and reveal evolution process by showing you the shots that led up to me getting the one I really wanted.

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Trista + Meredith

I always jump on the chance to photograph two of my favorite girls so over the holidays I took my fiance, Trista, and her sister Meredith out for a quick little portrait session in the snow. This is what came of it. I don't get to shoot in the snow very often, and I love how the light plays off of it.

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Santa 2009!

UPDATE!: Santa cards are now available for $4 each at The Frothy Monkey here in Nashville! Out of the 14 designs I printed, 3 have already sold completely out! Well, not completely...There are 2 full packs left, they include 1 of each design (14 cards in all) and they're only $40! Go grab 'em while they last!

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I need locations!

It's been over a year since I did the first day of shooting for a project I've kept mostly secret. It's working name is Operation: Clown. It's been pretty insane preparing for the next day, there have been many failed attempts in this past year to make this happen, so let's all keep our fingers crossed.The cool thing is that you guys can help make this happen! I'm in dire need of location suggestions, here's a list of what I'm looking for.

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Photos from my first show

So being a photographer, you'd think I would have made sure there was someone designated to take pictures of this event, but since I'm the one that normally does that it didn't cross my mind. Or anyone else's for that matter. Either way, there were a few shots taken and I've compiled them here. You get a bit of an idea what it was like.

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Have Pride in What You Do

This shouldn't be something that's out of the ordinary, this is how good businesses are run and how they've always ran. I'm a firm believer that if you have pride in your own work and a passion for providing REAL quality that your potential client's will see and appreciate that. It's definitely step #1 in getting that job over the next guy.

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